Household fires are devastating to a family. You are displaced, many of
your personal belongings are damaged or unreachable, and you have no
control over the situation. The scenario that follows is often just as
damaging to the morale of the victimized family - cleanup. Cleaning a fire
damage South Florida home that has suffered from fire damage can be a
task far too time consuming and complicated for a family trying to return to
normalcy. ARS can help you get your home back to pre-fire condition and
restore your life.

A professional is often necessary to assess the fire damage and advise the
family on how best to restore the home. Many factors are involved and
often not considered by a family who has never experienced a home fire.
Ventilation issues, plumbing, water damage, textile damage, and different
kinds of smoke all determine the kinds of cleaning and restoration work
necessary to make the home a safe place for the family. In some cases,
itís a matter of what can be restored and what must be removed from the

The Cleaning Process
Odor removal: For extreme smoke odors, ozone generators can be used
to rid the house of smells, viruses, and bacteria associated with smoke
damage. This method does not cause damage to the structure or
Surface cleaning: Using EPA recommended solutions, ARS is able to
clean almost any surface in your home - from the carpets to the ceilings.
HVAC sanitation: Smoke often rises through the HVAC systems in homes
and buildings in its attempt to move toward cooler air. Our treatments kill
the bacteria and organisms living in your ducts and causing the odors.

ARS understands how difficult recovering from a fire can be. We are here
to help you in every way - even in dealing with your insurance company.
Our insured, bonded, and certified staff will assist you with providing our
assessments and advice as to how to deal with insurance companies to
ensure your restoration process is a smooth one.

Feel confident that ARS can take care of all of your fire problems.  We also
offer services for water damage South Florida if you ever have a flood;
mold removal South Florida  if you should ever have mold or need smoke
damage South Florida, we cover it all.

Call ARS for a free estimate of your propertyís fire damage. If this is an
emergency, you may contact us at any time, 24 hours a day and we will
respond within 1 hour of your request.  Call ARS today at 954-654-
7764 or 305-742-0787.

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